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Burning Daylight is band made up of five siblings who grew up learning and playing music together.  Their parents enrolled each of them in classical piano lessons at very young ages, and they branched out to various instruments and interests as grew older.  The youngest sibling, Erin, is the lead singer.  Casey, 18, plays the bass guitar while his older brother, James, plays piano.  Carli, 23, plays rhythm guitar and sings backup vocals.  The oldest, Brock, plays the drums.  They are all songwriters and are influenced by a wide variety of artists, which has led to a diverse catalog of original tunes.

Burning DaylightWith the release of their first album, Burning Daylight EP, the band hopes to attract more attention on a national scale.  Their song “Deep Breath” is going to be featured in an upcoming major motion picture called A Warrior’s Heart. Currently, most of the band members reside in the Washington, DC area where they continue to write new music and perform.