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ErinErin, 15 – Like her siblings, began playing the piano at a young age.  Unlike her brothers and sisters, however, she got the acting bug and began performing in school and community plays.  She also began dancing and working on her voice in middle school.  Around age 13, she started writing original songs on the piano and guitar.  With no shortage of accompanists, she polished up a couple of tunes and began performing for family, friends and open mics.

Casey Casey, 18 Raised on the piano, Casey branched off to the bass guitar in middle school.  Learning theory and funk technique from one of the best, he excelled very quickly and began playing music with his brothers and their friend Brian, completing the band Paper Planes.  Casey is currently entering his senior year of high school, and while he’s not practicing, he’s helping his brother Brock engineer recording sessions at their studio.

JamesJames, 20 – James started playing the piano in elementary school.  He developed an ear for writing music and was heavily influenced by writers like Elton John and Ben Folds.  In middle school, he began writing songs every week.  Before graduating from high school last year, he had written countless songs for Paper Planes and for Erin to sing.  Currently residing in Montreal for school, he is the main songwriter of the group and is always creating new and interested material.


Carli, 23 – As a very young child, Carli sang constantly.  She began studying piano and would often times perform duets and trios with her brother, Ryan and Brock.  Branching off from piano, Carli experimented with the harp and eventually settled on the nylon string guitar.  She’s been teaching herself classical music for several years now.  When she’s not playing music, Carli enjoys riding her horse and enlightening her family on the advents of a low impact, healthy lifestyle.


Brock, 26 – Brock began playing piano when he was five years old and didn’t stop until he was 18.  At age 15 he began drum lessons with one of the local jazz masters and played in the symphonic and jazz bands in school.  He cut two albums with his high school band, Eyre (with his brother, Ryan) and has been in many rock bands over the years.  Joining his brothers James and Casey, he helped form Paper Planes and produced their EP and full-length album, Based on a True Story. Currently, Brock is pursuing a career in music production and runs a recording studio at his family’s home.